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Can foreign real persons acquire real estate?

Foreign real persons, who are citizens of the countries that have been announced by the Council of Ministers (except for Syria, Armenia, Cuba, Israel and Cyprus) are entitled to acquire ownership rights in Turkiye.

In any event, the total size of land cannot exceed 300.000 sqm for each person. In addition, foreign real persons are only entitled to acquire real estate up to 10% of the total surface area of the relevant district.

In order for a foreigner to officially understand whether or not she/he can acquire a specific real property, the prospective buyer must apply to the relevant land registry office for approval. The acquisition can be performed upon the issuance of the relevant land registry’s approval.


Is there a different procedure applicable for property acquisitions performed by foreigners?

Aside from the procedure mentioned above, there are no differences between foreign real persons or Turkish citizens regarding an acquisition of property.


Is there a different tax treatment for property transactions in Turkiye between Turkish taxpayers and foreigners?

In principle there is no difference between Turkish residents and non-residents for property acquisitions for taxation purposes. Foreigners are subject to the same rules with the Turkish citizens/residents. But, very recently a law has passed from parliament regarding VAT free real estate acquisition for foreigners. (Please refer VAT section for details) In that sense, being a foreigner would be much more advantageous for real estate acquisitions.


Is there a difference between the procedures to be applied for office and villa or apartment/condo acquisition?

Transactions involving acquisition of office and villa or apartment/condo are subject to the same official procedures.


Can the foreign successors of the foreign property owner inherit the property?

The foreign successors can acquire real property by way of inheritance, subject to the following conditions; (1) the successor must be a citizen of the countries that have been announced by the Council of Ministers; (2) the real property shall not be within the borders of restricted zones(such as military zones, security zones, etc.) (3) the total size of real property that will be inherited by a single successor shall not exceed 300.000 sqm and 10 % of the total surface area of the relevant district. If the successor is not entitled to acquire property due to any of the above-mentioned restrictions, the successor is obliged to sell the property to an eligible third party within a maximum period of one year. Otherwise, the property will be sold by the Ministry of Finance, and the sale price will be paid to the successor.


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