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While Turkish economy keeps its development with annual 5% growth rate over the past decade, capital markets are experiencing a historical transformation. Solid structural reforms sustained the grounding force to create such an important transformation process. Over the one year period that started with the new Capital Market’s Law, Stock Exchange Istanbul became a joint stock company and separate exchanges of Turkiye merged under the umbrella of Stock Exchange Istanbul.

Vertical and horizontal consolidations made Stock Exchange Istanbul a “one-stop shop” for financial instruments, and investors now have the opportunity to trade in a wide range of products which include equities, fixed income instruments, derivatives and commodities. New markets are established and technological infrastructure of Stock Exchange Istanbul is empowered thanks to our strategic partnership with NASDAQOMX. Bursa Istanbul will obtain the state of the art technology employed by the leading exchanges of the world and a multi-asset, multi-currency platform, integrated into all post-trade functions, with customary key features such as connectivity and risk management will be in the service of all investors. All these ambitious transformational steps were successfully accomplished in one year though such achievements would have easily taken years to complete.

The real estate sector, with its huge potential, has been one of the most motivating areas for this redesign of the capital market. The economic dynamism, growing middle class and young population are no doubt the most influential factors driving the appeal of the real estate sector. Real estate finance is on the other side of the coin. The robust and sustainable growth of the sector

Necessitates the accompaniment of effectively functioning primary and secondary markets. This is where the capital market steps in.

With this perspective in mind, one of the pillars of the restructuring process has been to activate mechanisms aimed at enhancing the involvement of the capital market into the real estate business. The new regulatory framework, diversifying the financial products on real estate and increasing the financing alternatives for real estate companies, strongly backs the development of the sector.

To note about the diversity of real estate based financial products; equity of real estate investment companies (REICs) and infrastructure REICs, real estate certificates, participation certificates of real estate funds, sukuk and mortgage backed securities are first to be mentioned. Enlarged financing alternatives of REICs through issuance of sukuk and real estate certificates are expected to further strengthen the financial position and profitability. 

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