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Are there any rules regulating the right and obligations of the parties living in the same property? (Condominium Law-Management Plan)

A management plan is an agreement between condominium owners that regulates the management of the main structure and common areas. All condominium owners and their successors are bound by the provisions of the management plan.

The purpose of the management plan is to determine rights and obligations of the parties to each other, who live in the same property, and to provide rules on the management of the property concerning the purpose and method of use and the other issues related to management, such as operations, auditing, maintenance, and repair work, and to ensure the establishment and continuity of a peaceful, healthy, safe and proper working system of the property in accordance with the rules of Condominium Ownership Law.


The provisions of the management plan are valid to the extent they are in compliance with the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Law. Accordingly, condominium owners cannot add provisions into the management plan that alter or substitute the mandatory provisions of the Condominium Ownership Law.

The board of condominium owners (the “Board”) is responsible for the management of the common areas. The condominium owners are the natural members of the Board, and are entitled to participate in the management of the entire building in accordance with the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Law. The Board may outsource management power to professional management companies.

In addition, each person has also rights and obligations to the other persons living in the same property arising from Condominium Ownership Law and Civil Law.

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