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What are the main taxes related to property transactions?

In principle every property acquisition for individuals are subject to some transaction taxes such as “Title Deed Fee”, “Value Added Tax”, “Stamp Duty,” and “Notary Charges”. Additionally, holding a property in Turkiye triggers a wealth tax called “property tax.” Income derived from property such as rental income or capital gain obtained at the time of disposal of property would also subject to “Income tax”. Each tax mentioned above would subject to specific calculation, payment, declaration rules and of course have some exemptions.


What is “Title Deed Fee”? How it is calculated and paid?

“Title Deed Fee” is calculated according to the “Fee Law” for the transactions concluded at the title deed registry such as property buying/selling, registration of rental contract, annotations of any transaction made at registry etc. At the time of acquisition, title deed fee at the rate of 2% is applicable over the sales price for buyer and seller separately. Fee has to be paid to the tax office before the transaction made at the registrar.


As per Resolution No. 2017/9973 of the Council of Ministries, the title deed fee rate applicable to sale of residences and workplaces is reduced from 2% to 1.5% until 30 September 2017. After 30 September 2017, the buyer and the seller will continue to separately pay a title deed fee at the rate 2% over the sales price, unless a new legislation is enacted until such date.

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