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To finance the costs, half of the buildings will be delivered to the private sector. Under this agreement between the private companies and the owners, the owners will be given 85% of the housing sites and 35% of the land shares (per building), and 2½ houses will be constructed in return to 1 house. The rest of the expected ratio, 50%, will be reconstructed by the owner him/herself in a 1-1 turnover ratio. All in all, 3½ houses will be constructed in return to 2 houses.

Henceforth, 335.000 houses/year are expected to yield to 587.000 houses/year. Deducting the number of houses to be demolished (335.000/year), 252.000 houses/year or 2 million houses between 2015- 2023 will be the surplus of urban transformation.

The predicted need for houses by 2023 in Turkiye is calculated in three different need levels. These are aforementioned needs for houses as a result of urbanisation and the increase in the population. Total need for houses for the 12 years period between 2012 and 2023 is predicted to be 7.560.000. A research done in 2012 has predicted 4.840.000 of this to be the result of urbanization and increase in population, 2.120.000 to be based upon urban transformation of areas under disaster risk, and 600.000 to be for renewal. This prediction and the number of licences, housing and sales up to now points out that annually 650.000-700.000 houses are needed in Turkiye.

Therefore, 5.44 million (~700.000 houses/year) of need for houses are big enough to meet the surplus of 2 million (252.000 houses/year) of the urban transformation strategy.

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