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Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2014, the eleventh edition in the series of joint reports from PwC and ULI, emphasises “demographics” and “sustainability” this year, as well as “alternative developments” and “fast growing secondary locations” while underlining a “more positive” year and a “battle for prime assets”.

“Although Istanbul dropped several places in the rankings, it remains one of the top 10 most favoured cities for investment because it is a high growth market backed by a strong economy. Turkiye’s demographics are also appealing, with a young and rapidly growing population of 75 million. Retail is attractive because affluence is increasing and the middle class is establishing itself,” says the report.

Also, as mentioned in the report “demographics matters”, taking this year’s main trends into consideration it is not possible for any international real estate player to ignore Turkiye. The young and growing population of Turkiye would definitely attract real estate investors who are looking for new growth opportunities in an aging Europe. For investors look for more green alternatives, the Turkish market, with its all-new development opportunities, provides a Greenfield investment environment. Student housing, healthcare and serviced apartments, which are mentioned among the top five investment alternatives, are also a good fit for Turkiye’s growing market demand.

Considering recent legal developments on the financing side (real estate funds, real estate certificates, rental certificates, infrastructure real estate companies etc.), economic stability anongoing mega infrastructure projects, in addition to the above mentioned market dynamics,  believe the future for Turkish real estate is bright and the country is ready to take its turn in the spotlight..

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