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We as “Zümrüt Property Investment Project” want to tell the world about Turkiye’s property (real estate) sector and opportunities provided in the best and most correct way in the presence of institutional and individual investors to make a contribution to the publicity of the real estate sector abroad and to help our country find its deserved place in international arena. For this very reason, we noticed that especially individual investors need a guide pathfinder who tells them which path they should follow and to what they should pay attention while making investments in Turkiye.

In this Website, ”How to Invest in Turkiye”, with this Website (http://zumrutproje.com) “Zümrüt Property Investment Project”, we created an important source answering all the questions that guidelines for the foreign individual and institutional investors and help while buying real estate (property) by projects or second hand property. This Website in which you can find all the procedures and to own real estate (property) in Turkiye easily and in detail will be a reference guidelines covering all the main subjects worthy of notice about the processes like making the most correct real estate projects investment, evaluating or and administrate all the investments and selling it’s for the right price, in right time and with a right and trustful agency like “Zümrüt Property Investment Project” 

With varying demands, advancing technology and the integration of the information systems into the building sector, Turkiye’s construction sector will continue to change and develop in the upcoming years. We as “Zümrüt Property Investment Project”, Turkiye’s real estate Investment group playing a key role for the real estate sector, will maintain our works which will provide the sector with added value and continue to be the point of reference as in the past.

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