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Turkiye with its most important geopolitical position in the world, natural and cultural richness, transportation facilities and newly constructed bridges, airports and developed tourism, retail, entertainment, event and congress tourism is quite an attractive country for the foreign investors and at the same time a powerful country with its stable economy. With its growing economy, mega projects in the real estate sector and sectorial dynamics, Turkiye will continue to harbour new opportunities, provide its investor with added value and increase its value in the future.

The Turkish real estate sector has been one of the sectors managing to sustain its growth despite all the economic, political and social issues we have been through as a country in 2016. According to the statistics of Turkish Statistic Institute (TÜİK), the housing sales increased by 4% and 1.341.453 houses were exchanged in overall Turkiye in 2016. Accomplishment of such a performance in spite of all experiences that the Turkiye encountered in 2016 is the reflection of the trust in the real estate sector and the stability of the Turkish economy. In parallel with this, Turkish construction sector has been in the top 2 row in the list of the world’s greatest for the last 9 years, breaking records in real estate consecutively.


Also granting citizenship to the foreign investors buying a real estate in Turkiye is a pleasing development in order to attract the foreign investors to our country. This regulation also for the investors investing minimum 2.000.000 USD, for people depositing 3.000.000 USD or for investors providing employment to a minimum of 100 employees as well. Moreover, with the new legal regulation of our government, VAT exemption granted to the foreign investors. According to the new VAT regulation, the foreign investors will have the right of buying property (real estate) VAT but will not be able to sell these estates for a year.




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